MS38-P05 High resolution Guinier Powder Diffractometer combined with multilayer optics Stefan Griessl (HUBER Diffraction, Rimsting, Germany) Maximilian Reh (HUBER Diffraktionstechnik, Rimsting, Germany) Thomas Holz (AXO DRESDEN GmbH, Dresden, Germany) Reiner Dietsch (AXO DRESDEN GmbH, Dresden, Germany) Norman Huber (HUBER Diffraktionstechnik,, Rimsting, Germany)email:

The Huber double radius Guinier camera G670 is characterized by its short measurement time and high‐resolution diffractograms. In addition to the successfully working Johansson monochromators curved multilayer optics from AXO DRESDEN were tested. Measurements were carried out with Cu Kα, Mo Kα, and Ag Kα radiation (8.0 keV, 17.4 keV, 22.1 keV). Thus, a direct comparison between Johansson monochromators and multilayer optics was possible in terms of signal‐to‐noise ratio, full‐width at half maximum (FWHM) of the diffraction peaks and the quality criterion of Jenkins and Schreiner. Various substances were tested both as powder on a flat sample and in a capillary. The capillary measurements showed very high intensities, especially with the multilayer optics. The wavelengths of the X‐radiation used, together with the excellent resolution, make pair distribution function analyses feasible. Hence, the used instrument enables fast and precise determination of all important parameters of a powder sample.