MS16-P26 Revisesd Jiang model’s  « New formula of Prediction of lattice constant in cubic perovskites » Krarcha Hadda (department of earth sciences, university batna 2, Batna, Algeria) fatih hamizi (Department of physics, batna, Algeria)email:
ABX3 Perovskite materials are of great interest in the new technology because of the possibility of modifying their physical properties by numerous ionic substitutions.
The mesh parameter prediction model used is useful for providing the predicted structural information for estimating the physical properties of materials for which accurate structural data are not available.
It is also useful as a guide for synthetic exploratory efforts as a starting point for structural characterization improvements of new materials.
Our reformulation of Jiang's model allowed us to obtain a new equation of parameter prediction of cubic perovskite structures taking into account 158 ​​materials.
The results obtained are in good agreement with the experimental with a relative error of the order of 2.64%.
This prediction equation allowed us to predict the mail parameter of 20 new perovskite oxides.

Keywords: : mail parameter prediction, cubic perovskite, tolerance factor.