MS02-P03 VMXi – A new fully automated in situ and serial crystallography beamline at the Diamond Light Source James Sandy (Diamond Light Source Ltd., Chilton, Didcot, United Kingdom) Halina Mikolajek (Diamond Light Source Ltd., Chilton, Didcot, United Kingdom) Juan Sanchez-Weatherby (Diamond Light Source Ltd., Chilton, Didcot, United Kingdom) Thomas Sorensen (Diamond Light Source Ltd., Chilton, Didcot, United Kingdom)email: Diamond Light Source has a cohort of seven beamlines dedicated towards macromolecular crystallography (MX). The VMXi beamline is one of the most recent additions to this group of successful MX beamlines at Diamond. VMXi is a dedicated microfocus, high-flux, high-throughput beamline. VMXi has been designed to be a fully automated in-situ and serial crystallography beamline which breaks away from the standard MX user experience. Samples are delivered to the beamline and are imaged using a Formulatrix Rock Imager system. These images are viewed via the SynchWeb application which is already widely used for displaying experimental results.
Users can look at individual drops and mark either a region or a point where they would like to carry out an experiment. By applying simple parameters, the user can assign any number of experiments to a plate. Once all experiments are registered, the plate joins a queue and makes its way on to the beamline via a series of plate-handling robots. Plate transfer times have been optimised to minimise local heating effects on the samples. An internal plate storage hotel means that x-ray time is most optimally used by minimising shutter closed time. Samples are aligned using an image matching algorithm between images from the Formulatrix Rock Imager and visible light images collected on the beamline. Experiments are carried out and the experimental results are displayed in SynchWeb. Users are informed once data have been collected by an automated email service. At no point do users interact directly with the beamline. The beamline operates autonomously using the parameters that the user has specified.
We describe here some experiments carried out on the VMXi beamline, and validate the beamline as a place to quickly collect highly useful screening and experimental data, without having any manual interaction with the sample.

Keywords: VMXi, in-situ, beamline