GI-MS45-P01 Women Under High Pressure Julia Contreras (CNRS-Sorbonne Université, Paris, France) Miriam Peña (SUPA, Edimburgh, United Kingdom) Shanti Deemyad (Utah University, Utah, United States of America)email: julia.contreras.garcia@gmail.comThis is an initiative to highlight the (rising) number of women working in the high pressure research field. We come from all domains (geology, biology, physics, chemistry…). Indeed, we are not many, but we are many more than many people think. We are building up a public data base of women under high pressure group. We are several scientist women who work in the high pressure field.
We have also created a FB and twitter accounts for everybody to be able to follow updates:

The aim of our group is to provide the community with facilities to count with gender equality at any of the high pressure events and lists. It has also helped organizers of events and committees to have a fair gender representation and provide a great example of women in science and references to many women graduate students and postdocs in the audience.  
We are trying to get as visible as possible not to be complainers and neither to build up a “women” club, our goal is to bring awareness and make us think twice in order to create a fair gender community.
Keywords: women in science, high pressure