GI-MS48-P03 Exploring structural biology on the web: to biologists and beyond David Armstrong (PDBe, EMBL-EBI, Cambridge, United Kingdom) Sameer Velankar (PDBe, EMBL-EBI, Cambridge, United Kingdom)email: macromolecular structure is often complicated by the need to have specialist tools to view structures and related information. At the PDBe we have integrated a number of different components that allow easy visualisation of structural data in different ways within the web browser.
These components include lightning-fast molecular visualisation with LiteMol and a sequence component to link this visualisation to the primary structure, via secondary structure topology diagrams. These interactive components enable students to explore sequence information and its relationship to 3D structure. The components integrate extra annotations including domains and validation data. Visualisation of electron density maps within LiteMol makes it an excellent tool for introducing students to the importance of validation in structural biology.
All of these components operate within a browser window, including on mobile devices, meaning that they are available to anyone, anywhere. This has enabled us to effectively teach macromolecular structure to students at all levels and even to introduce structural biology to artists and the wider general public. We hope this will help to bring structure to biology and beyond.

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Keywords: Visualisation, Sequence to structure, validation