MS20-P14 The new chemical crystallography beamline at PETRA III Martin Tolkiehn (DESY, Hamburg, Germany)email: martin.tolkiehn@desy.deI will present the new beamline for chemical crystallography P24, which recwently started user operation at the high brilliance PETRA III synchrotron light source at DESY. The beamline is optimized for diffraction experiments with single crystals of small molecules. Measurements can be conducted at low and high temperatures in a large variety of sample environments including user supplied setups.
For highest flexibility two diffractometers with different geometries (heavy load Kappa and four circle Euler) are available in two endstations.
Besides classical crystal structure determination it is possible to investigate phase transitions, disordered an modulated structures at ambient and non-ambient conditions and dynamics.

Keywords: Chemical crystallography, synchrotron radiation