MS23-P05 Possibility of Improved Phasing Method for MicroED – experimental aspects Cathal Cassidy (Okinawa Institute of Science & Technology, Onna, Japan) Tsumoru Shintake (Okinawa Institute of Science & Technology, Onna, Japan)email: c.cassidy@oist.jpThe authors introduce some experimental data in support of a potential new way of capturing diffraction in a transmission electron microscope.  There is a possibility to improve the phasing process in protein crystallography (Micro-ED) with this approach.   To date, we have acquired several diffraction data sets from MgO nanocubes (as a test specimen), along with supporting conventional HRTEM and far-field diffraction data, for reference purposes.   Data has been acquired in an FEI Titan microscope, operated at 300kV, as well as in a JEOL ARM-200F microscope, operated at 200kV.  We have also acquired preliminary data on carbamazepine and lysozyme nanocrystals.

Keywords: electron diffraction, nanocrystal, phasing