Company sponsored Workshops


Workshop by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Room Cuera, Thursday 23 August 12:00-13:00

Cryo-EM – Single Particle Analysis (SPA) in particular - has rapidly developed from a pioneering into a mainstream application that has caused a revolution in the field of structural biology at the atomic resolution. During this talk we will discuss the elements of the support Thermo Fisher Scientific provides you to minimise the hurdles in building your own Cryo-EM laboratory. To help ensure your success, we provide the guidance on what is required to build the Cryo-EM laboratory, providing training, and ongoing support you need to maximize your lab’s productivity.

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Workshop by Rigaku Oxford Diffraction

Room Fitu, Friday 24 August 12:00-13:00

Bruker Evening Workshop & Dinner

Room Cuera, Saturday 25 August 19:30

The seminar will give you an excellent opportunity for an update on the Bruker and Incoatec product portfolio and for discussions with our experts. During the seminar light refreshments and finger food will be available. As seating will be limited, an admission ticket is required. Please, register on-line and pick-up your ticket at our stand during the exhibition.