Oviedo & Asturias


Oviedo is an innovative and full of life city, a modern and dynamic capital located in the heart of Asturias. The strategic geographical situation of the city places it totally surrounded by a natural and rural environment that allows outdoor activities for everyone and nearby. With a population of just over 200.000 inhabitants, Oviedo is a city with a human scale, compact, specially designed for walking. With a large number of pedestrian streets and unique corners, Oviedo is the perfect city to explore on foot. You will be able to admire the streets, the historical buildings and the beautiful parks and gardens. The capital of Asturias offers all kind of local dishes and has great gastronomy, from the traditional stews to the modern kitchen, without forgetting an extensive menu of sweets, desserts and cheeses.



Asturias is a natural Paradise. Thanks to its varied terrain and countryside, sea and mountain scenery, any trip around the region turns into a unique experience. Beautiful and yet rural Asturias, lives on today. With its three cities – Oviedo, Gijón and Avilés; almost twenty fishing towns and numerous historic towns and villages; over 200 beaches and well-preserved coast; rich industrial heritage; 6 Biosphere Reserves; 5 World Heritage Caves; a rich cuisine that makes the region, among other features, the leading cheese-producing area in Europe… and much, much more. A veritable Natural Paradise!