Keynote speakers

Prof. Matthias Bochtler International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, Poland. Chair: Prof. Elisabeth Sauer-Eriksson KN-1 The vocabulary of protein-DNA interactions: Symmetry, degeneracy, modifications
Room Bulnes, Thursday 23 17:00-18:00
Prof. Eleanor Dodson University of York, UK. Chair: Dr. Jan Dohnalek KN-2 The Joy of Seeing - in honour of Dorothy Hodgkin
Room Bulnes, Sunday 26 17:00-18:00
Prof. Randy Read University of Cambridge, UK. Chair: Prof. Isabel Usón KN-3 Understanding and using likelihood in structural biology
Room Bulnes, Saturday 25 18:00-19:00
Prof. Guillermo Montoya Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research, Denmark. Chair: Prof. Markus Wahl KN-4 How CRISPR-Cas RNA-guided endonucleases cut specific DNA regions for Genome Editing?
Room Bulnes, Sunday 26 8:30-9:30
Prof. Piero Macchi Departement für Chemie und Biochemie, Universität Bern, Switzerland. Chair: Prof. Wolfgang Scherer KN-5 The roots of Quantum Crystallography
Room Naranco, Thursday 23 17:00-18:00
Prof. Joke Hadermann University of Antwerp, Belgium. Chair: Dr. Mauro Gemmi KN-6 Application of advanced transmission electron microscopy techniques to structure solution and refinement of complex inorganic materials
Room Bulnes, Friday 24 18:00-19:00
Dr. Brent L. Nannenga Arizona State University, USA. Chair: Prof. Udo Heinemann KN-7 Biomolecular structure determination by electron diffraction of 3D microcrystals
Room Bulnes, Saturday 25 17:00-18:00
Prof. Olivier Mentré UCCS CNRS, France. Chair: Dr. Karen Friese KN-8 Exotic Topochemical Alteration of the Cationic Sublattices in Oxides : The complex crystallography behind
Room Naranco, Saturday 25 17:00-18:00
Prof. Marco Merlini Università Degli Studi di Milano, Italy. Chair: Prof. Simon Parsons KN-9 Complex structures of minerals at Deep Earth conditions: experiments and perspectives
Room Naranco, Thursday 23 18:00-19:00
Prof. Yaroslav Filinchuk Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium. Chair: Dr. Jérôme Rouquette KN-10 Hydrides: from Hydrogen Storage to Porous Systems, Structural Design and Solid Electrolytes
Room Naranco, Saturday 25 18:00-19:00
Dr. Harry Powell MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, UK. Chair: Dr. Loes Kroon-Batenburg KN-11 Vagando entre los picos - ¿cómo llegué hasta aquí? Improving methods in data collection and processing
Room Naranco, Friday 24 18:00-19:00
Prof. Jordi Arbiol ICREA and Institut Català de Nanociència i Nanotecnologia (ICN2), CSIC and BIST, Spain. Chair: Prof. Ullrich Pietsch KN-12 Free-standing nanostructures at atomic scale: from growth mechanisms to local properties
Room Bulnes, Thursday 23 18:00-19:00
Dr. Lynne McCusker ETH Zürich, Switzerland. Chair: Dr. José Luis Jordá KN-13 Taking on the next structural challenges posed by polycrystalline materials
Room Naranco, Saturday 25 8:30-9:30
Dr. Aurora Cruz-Cabeza University of Manchester, UK. Chair: Prof. Alessandra Crispini KN-14 New Insights into Making and Breaking Crystals
Room Naranco, Sunday 26 17:00-18:00
Dr. Angiolina Comotti Università Degli Studi di Milano, Italy. Chair: Prof. Fernando J. Lahoz KN-15 Porous Crystalline Architectures: Ultra-fast Molecular Rotors and Dynamics Control by Gas Stimuli
Room Bulnes, Saturday 25 8:30-9:30
Dr. Christer Aakeroy Kansas State University, USA. Chair: Dr. Laszlo Fabian KN-16 Transforming co-crystals from form to function: Fact, fancy, and great expectations
Room Naranco, Sunday 26 8:30-9:30